Aquapure Systems - Product Catalog

Countertop System


Alternative Solution to the Under-Counter; space saver, but also flexible & movable

Hot | Cold Water Dispenser


Perfect solution for your office/home to make hot and cold beverages anytime

Under Counter System


Most convenient way to get best quality of drinking water, hidden under sink

Aquapure 3M Water Filter


These are the Perfect solution for drinking water filtration systems anytime for your home & office

Water Distiler


Low energy water distiller with granulated activated carbon to improve the taste of the water

Shower Filter


Refresh & Rejuvenate yourself daily with a Chlorine-free bath shower

Wholehouse System


Total solution to get the most quality water for the entire household needs



Custom-fit solution designed for your commercial / industrial needs in any scale

Part & Accessories


High quality parts that compatible with your system and to make your life more comfortable



Unlimited supply of fresh, clean and PURE drinking water, with no more hassle to buy and carry bottles. This is just making total $$ENSE!!