CAD$ 99.00 *

Filter replacement: $35.00
Recommended Filter replacement: 6-12 months


- Low cost
- Low maintenance
- Easy installation
- NSF Standards
This system is excellent for residential drinking water filtration systems. 
Highly recommended to improve water quality and water clarity.


Filter Performance:
• 0.5 Micron Rating 
• 1,000 gallon filter capacity 
• Removes turbidity (cloudiness) & fine sediments 0.5 micron in size or larger
• Removes >99% Chlorine, Taste, and Odors
• Removes greater than 99.99% of 3-4 micron Cyst particles 
  including: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma organisms.
• Removes trihalomethanes, low levels of chloramine, pesticides, 
  volatile organic chemical
• Temp Range: 40- 180 Farenheit 
• Flow Rate: 1 GPM

* Price subject to change due to currency exchange, please call to check pricing.

CAD$ 149.00 *

Replacement Membrane: $85.00 (Life rating: 18-24 months)


- Bottled water quality - Reverse Osmosis Technology 
- Excellent for residential drinking water filtration systems
- Gives all the benefits of the more expensive under-the-counter units


• Integrated purification assembly includes Reverse Osmosis Membrane &  Activated Carbon Polisher 
• Produces up to 10 gallons per day
• Removes up to 97% of the total dissolved solids, 99% of the chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), organic chemicals, bad taste & odor, bacteria, giardia cyst, cryptosporidium, virus, lead, arsenic, sodium, fluoride, heavy metal, etc.
• Faucet Mounted, saves counter-top space
• Quick-connect fittings make installation simple (no tools required) & facilitate removal for storage. 
• Frees in-sink space for chores such as washing dishes
• Economical, consumes no energy


* Price subject to change due to currency exchange, please call to check pricing.