Bottled Water Delivery


We try to make everything as simple as possible, no confusions and up front. We believe this will cut our time in explaining about the pricing and build trust between us and our customers, therefore our offers are:


- NO term contracts
- NO fuel surcharges
- NO hidden fee
- NO tax on water (except other product such as cooler rental, etc.)



Bottled Water, 5-Gallon Purified/Natural Spring Water (delivered)
-- CAD$ $6.00 / bottle (no tax)



Dispenser Rental --------------------------------------


Hot & Cold Cooler rental
-- CAD$ 30.00 for 6 months (+ applicable tax)


Cold & Room Temp Cooler rental
-- CAD$ $30.00 for 6 months (+ applicable tax)


Ceramic Dispenser Rental
-- CAD$ $12.00 per 6 months (+ applicable tax)


Bottle Rack rental
-- CAD$ $2.00/month (+ applicable tax)



Deposit -------------------------------------------------

Bottle deposit
-- CAD$ $10.00/bottle *


Cooler deposit
-- CAD$ $150/Cooler *


(*After 6 months of no transaction, the bottle deposit become non refundable).



(New customers only)


ORDER Minimum 4 bottles/month

and Get FREE Cooler rental ***


-- For CAD$ 6.00 / bottle ****



***For Vancouver area only, other area requires more minimum number of bottles per month. This is a monthly minimum plan, if no longer qualified, plan will be permanently switched to regular plan. New customers only

**** Cooler & Bottle deposits extra


How We Deliver:

How We Deliver:


They are 2 ways we deliver the water:


1. On Call Delivery

Customer may choose to simple call in when they require a delivery. Water will be delivered within 2 -3 business days.


2. Scheduled Delivery

We can set up a fixed schedule for you depend on your usage (every week, every 2 weeks. etc)


--> CALL US NOW : (604) 681-5996